Heart of Summer - Sunday Yin

Our goal in life is not to become perfect: our goal is to become whole.
Bernie Clark

We are moving towards the heart of the summer. Days are  long and we might feel an urge to be doing more to soak up the light and long evenings. Summer carries a yang energy. In Germany we are coming out of a looong winter and you can feel how hungry everyone is to spend time outside and dive into more activity.
The Sunday evening classes can be a reminder to stay balanced and also rest and relax. 

Summer time is related to the organ of the heart and the element of fire. The heart sets our rhythm in life. 
Fire relates to the sun, light, warmth and heat. Fire ignites all of life. Summer is the season of abundance,  things come into maturity, they ripen and life is in full bloom. The emotion associated with this time of the year is joy.
The classes throughout July will support you with cooling postures and have a focus on the meridian line of the heart and we´ll explore this space in us that way too often gets overridden by the mind.


The practice is both suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

Learn to be still, be at peace, practice pain free. Here are some benefits to the practice:

* strengthens joints

* relieves stress

* promotes sleep

* reduces pain

* relieves PTSD

* helps you to understand your own body's language

The classes will be held each Sunday in July online via zoom, so we can join from the comfort of your home. If you would like to join but you can not commit to the four classes or you have any questions feel free to reach out. I am happy to give you more information or help to clear any doubts or concerns.

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