Regular Classes

I teach mainly Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. But with an ever growing sense of curiosity, I explore many different styles and schools of Yoga and movement including Ashtanga, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Partner– and Acrobaticyoga and Qigong and I weave them into my practice and teaching.

I love Vinyasa as to me it is a style that feels a lot like dancing with its fluid transitions, a constant reminder to move in harmony with the body, not in arguement. My classes combine western and eastern approaches to yoga, putting emphasis on effective and creative sequencing, finding strength within our softness and softness within our strength, connecting breath with movement and intuitive exploration of our tensions and limitations,  My teachings reflect a fusion of breath, movement and stillness. And since we live in a yang world I deeply aim to incorporate yin yoga into my classes as a doorway to more silence and a chance to discover the deeper layers of our bodies and minds.

Regular classes took place in Kathmandu until April 2020. For now I am living a normad lifestyle so there are no fixed classes until further notice.

Private Classes


A private yoga class provides a wonderful opportunity for us to work together to focus on the unique requirements of your body, your energy, your life. Private sessions are designed for your level of experience and the issues you wish to address. Together we can explore what works for you and your individual needs.

Reasons for a private class could be: 

  • You are new to yoga and would prefer to begin in a private setting rather than a classroom with a bigger group. If it is your intention to attend regular classes at a studio, we can work towards that.

  • Your daily life, your schedule makes it difficult to get to regular classes. We all go through times where attending class is not possible or adds pressure. Scheduling a private session during these periods or a busy week can support you in stressful times.

  • You are interested in creating a home practice which is safe, effective and based on your needs.

  • You have an injury or chronic pain. The practice of yoga can support the body´s and minds journey towards healing.