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C h e t a n a
Women´s Skill Development Project

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Another heartfelt project.
When I was a teenager, I had a lot of bags. Every time someone tried to enter my room it caused all my bags to fall from the door handle. My father often said: "Lisa has so many bags, she could use a different one each day."  As you can imagine, teenagers do not appreciate comments like that too much...but looking back, I guess his observations weren´t too far from reality :)
Maybe not the biggest surprise that a few years later I found myself in a little shop in Nepal surrounded by colourful bags, when a beautiful Nepali woman started talking to me.

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It´s been eleven years and we are still talking. 
Tara has become one of my greatest friends in Nepal and her family has become my family far away from home.
Tara founded Chetana in 2008 as a women´s skill development project. After recovering from a life-threatening illness she made it her lifegoal to support women from marginalized communities on their journey to a more independent and empowered life. 
Women in Nepal face many difficulties, as a life of a woman is sadly less worth than a life of a man. They have fewer rights in their families and communities, even though they are, for the most, the ones who work the hardest at home and away from home. At Chetana they are given the opportunity to learn new skills such as sewing, and weaving leading to more self sufficiency. Some ladies stay with the project, working at the shop or from home, some leave after their training to open their own small businesses. Tara supports them on their way.


The products from Chetana are handmade from start to finish. The wonderful women working for Chetana dye the cotton, weave it and turn it into colourful and strong bags, conserving the century old craft of weaving and natural dyeing techniques. Chetana advocates for fairer salaries and working conditions for all women involved in their programs. 


You can find me on a market in summer.
By buying a bag you contribute to a soulful project and you empower women in Nepal.


Supporting the Chetana Kids.
At Chetana we are not just dedicated to bags and the women who stand behind them, but we also care for their kids and their education. Since the earthquakes that hit Nepal in 2015, we have been generously supported by some incredible humans who became godmothers and fathers paying the school fees for the Chetana kids. Currently we are  still supporting Sumi, Srijana and Menuka. If you are ever interested  or you throw a party and you are looking for a good cause to donate, contact me and I would be so happy to tell you more.


Thank you for your time :) Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or want more information about Chetana. With Love,
Tara & Lisa

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