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Magic Nights

A Ritual, a virtual writing Retreat
to reflect upon the old & to visualize the new.


 Ritual and ceremony in their due times kept the world under the sky and the stars in their courses. It was astonishing what ritual and ceremony could do. T. Pratchett



I offer a virtual journaling ritual through the magical nights, the threshold between the old and the new. This is for you if you crave a more conscious and meaningful way to say goodbye to 2021 and to welcome 2022. This is for the dreamers, creators and believers in magic. For those who want to dive deeper into the darkness and silence that the winter season brings.

The magic nights (aka Rauhnächte) is an old tradition that finds it origin in the germanic and celtic tradition.

Throughout ancient times the darkest time of the year and the return of the light was celebrated with different rituals  and practices. In old days it was a time to close the rural year. Everything that wasn´t needed anymore like working tools were put away. Everything had to be prepared and secured for winter. It was also a time to clear debts, to give back what was borrowed and to pay open bills.

What can we learn from these old traditions?

The dark nights are an invitation to reflect on the past year, month by month, to honour what was, to let go of what no longer serves and to create space for the magic of the new year to come.

2021 has brought new challenges and required our patience and hope. I offer this journey as an invitation to use the dark winter days to go inwards to integrate, reflect, process, create and dream.

Just like nature seems to be at rest in winter, but in this rest replenishes itself.

It is an invitation to pause and be less in the head as the magic of these nights can be felt only in the heart


Why Journaling?

There are many benefits when it comes to journaling, using pen and paper, here are a few:

  • Writing by hand slows down your thoughts, boosts mindfulness and increases calm. It is proven that the act of writing increases activity in parts of the brain similar to meditation.

  • Your mind can replay the same worries endlessly. But when you’re writing, you’re not likely to write down the same thoughts over and over. In this way, writing by hand invites your mind forward towards new observations, ideas and conclusions. It helps you to slow down and find those shiny pebbles of insight from your stream of consciousness.

  • Writing by hand can remind you of the value of privacy. In a world where every day millions share their daily lives on instagram stories, it might be refreshing to take back some personal expression and reclaim it just for yourself.

"Rauhnächte" - the shortest days with the longest nights.
If you get involved with what nature tells you, then it gets a lot of its own energy. It's time to slow down, take a step back, and let your mind wander. The darkness makes it easier for us to calm down. This time encourages us to withdraw into ourselves.
This walk through the „Rauhnächte“ offered me many discoveries.
My thoughts and ideas were rearranged. Suddenly, questions were self-explanatory. I became more confident in my decisions. See how much I have achieved and learned in the past few years. Issues that I had "chewed on" in the previous weeks suddenly became clear and precise. I felt that the puzzle, with the pieces still unfinished, was being completed. It was a wonderful feeling to be in silence and to reap the fruits of thought.
For me, these are very special nights in the year with great and wonderful energy.
Thank you so much Lisa for the loving guidance through these special time, I‘d love to do it also this year!

How does it work?

The Magic Nights is a journey through the 12 dark nights followed by the 12 Rauhnächte. So it is a 24-day Journey. 
Start is the 8th of December and we finish together on the 6th of January. I will send you some more information before we begin so that you know what these nights are about.
Form the 8th onwards you will receive an Email with some simple guidance in the morning and then you can carve out some time throughout your day to sit, reflect and journal. I find that even 10 minutes every day is a wonderful way to participate. As the time around Christmas and new year is busy for many the Retreat is designed so that you can do it in a way that it suits your days and it does not require that you sit down for a particular amount of time.
There is also a pause of 5 days around Chrismas.

Creating a small habit can make such a big difference for us. I often experienced December as a month that flew by, it was hectic and I felt rushed. Suddenly it was the New Year and I felt unprepared because I didn´t took some time to process and integrate and also create a vision for whats to come.



What happens when I miss a day?



This is not a duty or a task on your to-do list. This whole thing is just a giant invitation :)

What is most important to me is that you are gentle with yourself. We are already living in intense times. Enjoy this. And celebrate yourself for taking part. 

Remember 5 or 10 minutes a day is already perfect. And when you forget or miss a day or two or more, know that you are held in a circle of  people spread around the world, writing, reflecting, dreaming, creating and travelling with you. You are carried. 


Magic Nights
A 24-day Virtual Writing Retreat

Beginning: 8th of December
End: 6th of January

Price: 25€

If you are curious but have questions coming up please reach out. I am happy to give you more information and support you so that you can create a wonderful journey for yourself :)
If you want to join or gift this journey to someone please register here.

I hope you join me :)

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Photo by: Kitera Dent

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