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Temple Evening

“A circle of women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in. - J. LeBlanc

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As humans we have basically been gathering in the round since we began walking upright. Circles with a sacred center are an ancient form of social interaction. The fire was in the center as the people cooked and ate their food, heard stories, worshiped their gods and goddesses, and passed down the traditions and wisdom that kept them alive and healthy. Women came together in ritual gatherings to be in communion with each other and with the rhythms of nature. Entering my very first women’s circle I literally felt like tapping into this ancient lineage of women and re-membering a space that has always been waiting for me to take my seat. In circle we share from a place of authenticity, we experience to be held in a non-judgmental and safe space.

Landing in your very own body and being welcomed with all that you are can be a healing and empowering experience. The effort and courage to let go the grip to our representational identities is asked from us in order to feel the transformative power of being seen and honored as the light that we are. It allows us to step into our individual and common creative power. A power that goes beyond patterns of approval, justification or fight for existence. We are living in a world that rewards modes of emphasized action and outward oriented habits. Not to say that they are bad in any way, but there is an aching imbalance between active and passive, action and rest, strictness and softness, giving and receiving. In the women’s circle we cultivate the feminine principles, we commit to the receptive and thus invite creativity to nurture you. The magic of taking that journey together lies in the circle itself. It allows to experience ourselves as more than the sum of each of us individually.It is like a temple build by each and every one of us.
Swapna Panamthottathil

What to expect?  To gather as women implies to be together while coming home to ourselves. The evenings may include different ways to land in our bodies, whether it`s breathing, shaking, softening, expanding, dancing, or intuitive movement. Time for reflection, journaling and intention setting. It may include connection to our physical, emotional and mental bodies through meditation, chanting and conscious touch. Time to share, listen, speak and learn from each other. All ways serve a commitment to support and encourage intimacy with ourselves and thus with each other. We are invited to share from a place of truth, to listen with our whole bodies and hold space for every sister and her becoming. 

Our wish is to offer the Temple Evenings regularly throughout the year, so they can be an anchor for us and an opportunity to create community.  When you join us you will be informed about the next evening and you are always welcome to join when it fits into your life. 

If you have questions please contact us or join us for the next Temple. Take a look at the flyer below for the next date. We hope to see you there.
Swapna & Lisa

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"I was a little nervous to join the first Temple Evening, especially since I had never participated in a women´s circle before. But thanks to Swapna and Lisa´s warm guidance and the openness of the other participants I quickly felt at ease. I´m so grateful for this experience to connect with other amazing women in these difficult times and am already looking forward to the next Temple Evening!" - Joelle 

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