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"Yoga asks you to make peace with the deepest most terrifying parts of yourself, and then
make that same peace with the external world". K. Mcgregor


In Yoga we say that our body is just an extension of the earth, because we are made of the same stuff. My belief is that the world is not in need of more flexible bodies, but in desperate need of more love, presence, authenticity, of people who wake up in the morning thrilled to be alive, able to choose a life that is theirs, with a deep sense of self-care and love for their own bodies, so that the effect of this care and love can eventually ripple out into our planet. We need people who take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing,  finding courage to transform destructive lifestyles and habits and cultivate a deep connection and compassion for themselves and ultimately for all beings. We have forgotten that all life is sacred and that whatever we do or decide not to, effects the whole.
To me maybe one of the greatest gifts that yoga brings into people´s lives today is a sense of homecoming. Coming home to our breath, coming home to our body, allowing moments of stillness so that we can notice where there is tension in the body and mind, where there is pain, where we are stuck, becoming aware of our thought patterns, and habits, actions and reactions, noticing what and when we get triggered and when we disassociate and try to check out from the experience we are having. Stripping down the clutter and complexities, going back to less, focusing rather on simplicity. Our lives have an incredible pace, we are constantly running, the question I am most interested in is: why and what happens when we slow down?
​Yoga is an art of self-observation and an incredible tool to clean, strengthen and invigorate your heart, body, and mind, but it can teach us so much more than that. Teaching from a curious and heart-centered perspective, I invite my students to come home to their bodies and tap into its wisdom, creating space and a willingness to feel everything there is to feel. My intention is to support cultivating a practice of yoga on and off the mat,  so that the benefits of the practice can move and progress and inspire all aspects of our life, resulting in healthy and more conscious living and bringing wellbeing and a sense of peace not only to individuals but to our communities we are part of.

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