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As a new teacher the whole yoga world and industry, as well as stepping in front of students, finding your voice, it can all be quite overwhelming and sometimes frightening, once you leave the safety and cocoon of your training. When I started to teach 6 years ago I found it nerve wrecking standing in front of the class, I was overwhelmed as I was trying to please every student, I saw other teachers and I thought I had to be more like them. To sum it up I had trouble being me, I thought that what I had to offer or who I was wouldn´t be enough.

As more experienced teachers, we might feel more comfortable in our role and have faced the doubts and fears that come up in the first year, but the journey on the mat is one with no end and so the questions or doubts that arise along the way may change but the path of yoga involves our constant willingness to look deep, to reflect and understand the workings of our own minds.  As we change, our teaching changes our questions change.

I am excited to share with you my experience as a student and teacher, as well as my learnings from managing a studio for the past two years and working and studying alongside dozens of students and teachers from all different backgrounds and levels of experience.


A mentorship can include finding clarity in our cues and voice, refining how to sequence intelligently, if and how to approach hands-on adjustments, developing a home practice and trusting your inner guidance and truth. Also exploring how to work with your own triggers and how to regulate yourself.

It may consist of learning how to develop presence and attention to meet and welcome every body, every mood, every story and experience level in your class with compassion and kindness. Or cultivating to witness without judging

A further aim in a mentorship could be reflecting on questions such as, what our job is as a teacher, how to hold space with integrity for our students so they feel safe to explore the nature of their mind, the limitations of their bodies and the sensations that arise as they move or sit in stillness as well as how to simultaneously create safe boundaries for ourselves. We as yoga teachers are not there to heal anyone, our students are already whole, but we can accompany them on their own journey in a safe space.

My work is to help you realize what is teaching you, what lights you up and inspires you and how to transform our own sometimes messy stories into wisdom and growth.

Contact me for a one time consultation or embark on a longer journey with me as a mentor.​ I would be honoured to support you on your path.

"What is a teacher? I´ll tell you: it isn´t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows." 

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