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Maya Sanga Postcards

The Story

Maya Sanga is an absolute heartfelt project which combines many things I love.

My passion for photography, my preference for handwritten messages and my love for Nepal. 

There was a time in my life when I had 18 pen friends and nothing made me happier than choosing some nice paper, writing a letter and receiving one a few weeks later. Somehow it included so much more... the waiting... you could touch it, smell it, you knew that the person had taken time to sit down, even went to the post office.
Our world is filled with electronic messages and as much as I love being in touch with people quickly, it can never really replace or satisfy my longing for a handwritten message.

Maya Sanga postcards is dedicated to all who know that the best messages are still written by hand.

And it is dedicated to Nepal, my muse. 
With love,

The Sets

Each set contains seven cards. 

The card formats are either rectangle or square as you can see from the pictures below.

The logo and all the design work are done by an incredible artist from Nepal, Shraddha Shrestha.

Shraddha has been part of the project since the start and her beautiful designs decorate all our eighteen sets.

I am lucky that she jumped on board in summer 2018, when we met for a coffee and this whole idea was still up in the air.

Check out her amazing work as a designer, illustrator and street artist here:

or follow her on instagram: macha_73

soon to come:  we are working on creating an online store for the cards,

stay tuned :)

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