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Holistic Counselling & Coaching

"Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know."  Pema Chödrön


I believe that we are better when we are supported.

Life is messy at times.  And it is breathtakingly beautiful in others. 
Sometimes it can feel like being lost in the dark, no exit in sight. Sometimes we get to stand right in the light tasting, what I call, the sweet nectar of life. We all face challenging moments in our life that push us out of our comfort zone. That force us to drop our plans or change our perspective. That confront us with something that happened a long time ago, or calls for us to be present with discomfort or pain, whether our own or someone else´s. In these moments we can chose. We can shut down or go into hiding, hoping for the storm to pass or we can dare to stay and be present, opening to our experience whatever we encounter. 

Whether you find yourself in a big transition, or you experienced loss, or you feel stuck where you are, unhappy in your career or relationship, repeating old behavioural- and emotional patterns, attracting the same people or experiences, situations or jobs that bring the same familiar feelings - you are better when you are supported, not because I have the answers to your life, but because I can give you company as you leave your comfort zone, I can reframe your questions, reflect back to you what you can´t see and support you in holding space for your pain and grief so you can find the courage to feel.​ 
When we are supported, we can dare to stay and take a deeper look at our life. To deal better with uncertainty, pain, doubt, shame, anger or fear. To pause, to listen, to hold and to heal old wounds that may ripple back to the surface. 
I know that ignoring or running away can sound a lot more tempting. But in my own experience I found that what we do not deal with keeps returning. The very same problem keeps showing up, waiting for us, with a different name or in a different form.

We are trained from a young age to invest into our outer life. But what defines us is not only our job or career, our relationship, or the house we live in. All of that, which we identify with so much can crumble. And what is left then? 2020 was a big reminder that our life is fragile,  that things can change within moments. What sustains us from the inside when there is not much to hold onto on the outside?  What arises when we slow down and there is no distraction? I believe these are key questions which can help us shift our focus and willingness to transform our life.

If you want to start or continue personal growth work and reflection, now is a wonderful time. Taking a closer look at your own life, shaking off the dust. Investing into the most important connection of all, the foundation, the root from which all things in your life grow, thrive and blossom. You.  

Here is a small selection of possible topics: 
Grief & Loss
Life Transitions
Decision support

Reaching out is a courageous step.
I offer free 20-minute phone consultations, in which we can learn more about each other and you may ask me any questions you have. When choosing someone to work with, it is important you feel that the relationship feels like a good fit. I’d be happy to talk with you. 
Please feel free to contact me and we can set up your free 20-minute consultation. 

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