My Approach

I strive to meet you exactly where you are.

I am to build a relationship grounded in safety and trust, embedded in empathy and humour. To me, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to counselling. People are unique and so are their stories, backgrounds and journeys through life.

I work holistically because I honour the interconnectedness and interaction of body and mind. This allows me to use different therapy models and techniques depending on your needs. I combine elements of trauma sensitive yoga and somatic experiencing with talk therapy. I often weave mindfulness practices into the sessions and I am trained in EMDR.

My work is person-centered, but we are not isolated entities. I see us deeply influenced and shaped by our environments, families and communities which contribute to our entire being, and I honour that in my work.

My counselling sessions open a space for you to slow down, so that you can reclaim an inner state of calm and clarity. They open a space for you to feel heard, seen and acknowledged, so that you may uncover the stress you carry and become curious about the parts of yourself that doubt, hurt, disassociate, overwork, engage in negative self-talk, feel stuck or experience intense emotions.

The sessions are an invitation to listen and drop into your body, so that you can reconnect with its innate intelligence and wisdom.

I´d be honoured to offer guidance and support along your journey but it is not without your dedication, commitment and willingness to do the inner work that is necessary. My work is designed to empower you to become curious and courageous to look beneath the surface. So that whatever is there can be seen, illuminated and healed.

I provide my counselling services in both German and English.

If you have questions or you want to schedule a free phone consultation please contact me.

I would love to hear from you!


"Should I say that working with Lisa has changed something in me and my world? That would be a hopeless understatement. After only eight wonderful sessions with her via Zoom, a profound transformation has taken place that I would never have thought possible just a few weeks ago. Little traumas that have created so much separation from myself and those I love. It didn't hurt to look at them. All it took was a little courage on my part and the loving and insanely sensitive guidance of a therapist like Lisa. I am very very grateful. Have the courage!" - J. Bergstern

"Before I began working with Lisa I was dealing with a few really big life challenges in both work and personal life and I often struggled with overwhelm and feeling stuck and alone with it all. Without Lisa's support I would have really struggled to cope and stay strong throughout it all.

After each session with Lisa I felt so much lighter and had so much clarity about how to take care of myself during tricky situations / periods and navigate through them. The most valuable thing for me was to be able to talk to Lisa consistently for a number of months. I knew I had solid support from her the entire time, feelings of overwhelm and loneliness (and feeling weird because of it!) really transformed over that time. Now I feel acceptance and compassion for myself, I'm able to stay open to experiences and know that I'll be able to handle anything that comes up rather than trying to pre-plan all the ways it could go wrong, I enjoy spending time with myself and doing things that make me feel good...guilt-free, which is so freeing! I feel resilient and know that at this point I'm going from strength to strength, for that I'm very grateful for how far I've come with Lisa's help.

I would definitely recommend Lisa to others! She's a good listener and full of wisdom, about everything! You'll be able to tell her anything and she will be your support, guide, teacher and friend. Trust in her and in the process, trust that you'll shift into a completely new place by the end of it. The fears and resistance you have now is your foundation to transform. From the many things that stands out to me, one thing was how Lisa made me feel there's nothing weird about feeling weird, everyone feels it. By working with Lisa and trusting in the process, you'll release that heaviness that's keeping you down and move on from it with ease." - B. Iqbal