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Prenatal Yoga 

“Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.” — Carrie Fisher


Wonderful painting by: Heidi Taillefer

Welcome beautiful mama to be.
As your body blossoms throughout your pregnancy, it’s natural to experience some growing pains or discomforts. 
Prenatal Yoga is different from other styles, as this yoga is really about your intuition, it´s about connecting to your body, connecting to your baby and doing things that feel good for both of you.

Pregnancy is a marathon not a sprint, your body changes over 40 weeks. Yoga can be a wonderful way to support your body through this unique time and help prepare it for labour through movement, meditation and work on the breath. Yoga can help you to look forward to your pregnancy and birthing with joy and love and finding a deep trust in letting the body do what it already knows how to. 

The classes  will focus on breath, relaxation, self-massage, strengthening and gentle stretching so that you are better able to enjoy this precious time. The classes are designed to create some space for yourself in your every day, so that you can listen to your body. They are gentle and very accessible at any stage of the pregnancy.
The classes are also an opportunity to share in a safe space and to be connected with other women and their experiences and journeys. 

I am excited to be on this journey with you and I really want to empower you to make beautiful choices for you, for your body and ultimately for your baby. 

"Lisa created a genuine sense of calm and oneness with body and self during my pregnancy.

The practice was tailored to how I was feeling physically and emotionally. 

She taught me suppleness and strength through movement even with a burgeoning bump. 

She guided me through breathing techniques to support my mental wellbeing and offer some relief to the unusual discomforts of pregnancy.

Lisa makes yoga accessible to all and her love and patience can be felt through the practice."


Benefits to practice yoga during pregnancy

  • Supports your changing body

  • Tones and strengthens important muscle groups

  • Prepares for labour and delivery

  • Promotes deep relaxation and release of tension and tightness

  • Promotes connection with your baby

  • Selfcare tools that support a happy & healthy pregnancy 

  • Encourages You to Make Friends With Like-Minded Mamas

Join me every Tuesday throughout May. 
The classes will be taught in english or german depending on the group.
Please reach out if you have questions or concerns or send an email to register. I am looking forward to meet you. 

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