“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to

read a line of a poem twice.” ~ Robert Frank


When I am speechless, photography is a way to share what is impossible for me to put into words.

I am fascinated by photography as a door into the past that allows us to remember moments of our lives even when they are long gone.

I am a very sensitive and patient photographer who´s philosophy is to preserve the beauty, nature and magic of each moment. I believe that good photos are not just taken with a camera, they are taken with one´s heart and soul. It´s the little details that I love the most and through photography I´ve learned to open my eyes and pay attention. It taught me to take a deep interest in the smallest seemingly insignificant moments of our every day life, seeing the ordinary as extraordinary. It taught me that no detail is ever to small. 

I hope you can join me through the riches that we have in our lifes and dive into these moments just the way I do it when I capture them. I love meeting people and getting to know their stories, I love sitting and watching life for hours on end. Other things I love: being barefooted, late afternoon sun, dark chocolate, masala tea, live music, bonfires, warm rain, cheese cake, coriander, candlelight, bicycles, road trips, hand written letters, singing, dancing until my feet hurt…Life is good! 

                                                                                            What can I do for you?                                                                                                                          Please feel free to contact me and share your comments and ideas.                       

     Pricing available upon request.