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Heartfelt Projects

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. ~ Rumi


I believe that there is nothing more powerful than doing things from your heart.

During my law studies I spend a lot of my semester breaks working on farms or travelling while most of my fellow students signed up to do internships. Back at University some asked "so, how does a farm fit into your career or your cv?" I honestly hadn´t though about it this way. I just did it out of curiosity or fun. I loved visiting the University of Life.

We spend a lot of time in our head calculating whether something makes sense or not, we often focus on the outcome or what other people may say that we forget the necessity to do things for the simple reason that they bring us joy.

Was my decision to be out in the world and not sitting in an office over summer a waste of time? Some would say yes, but to me it was essential, cause it took me out of my head and I got to learn things they couldn´t teach me in class.

Doing things simply to create, to share, to enjoy yourself, maybe it wont´ make you rich financially, maybe it won´t fit into other people´s definition of success or their idea of how you should spend your time. But projects, journeys or hobbies that make your heart beat a little faster and take you out of your comfort zone, remind you that you are a creative being and that you need to be moved to feel alive.

Here I share with you three soulful projects and hobbies ~ maya sanga, chetana & photography~ that are dear to my heart and bring me joy. I hope to encourage you to find something you love and let it teach you how to live. If you feel to old to learn Ballet, if you want to pick up an instrument and you think you should have started a long time ago, if you want to paint but think you have no talent, if you wanna go on that journey or join that club and think it´s too late go, do it anyway.  Drop the idea that it has to make sense or that you have to become perfect, get out of your head and let your heart lead the way. I promise you won´t regret. And if you do let me know how it made you feel :)

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