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“The doctor of the future will be oneself.” ~ Albert Schweitzer


I offer a variety of gentle, noninvasive, yet profound treatments to support the body´s capacity to self-regulate and heal. Touch is incredibly powerful. Touch that holds space and listens without prefixed ideas.
Our body naturally seeks harmony, it wants to live. Just like nature. The treatments and techniques are merely a nudge, a reminder of what our body already knows. 
The treatments take place in a safe environment and can support you to reconnect and relearn to listen to the subtleties. Our body is innately wise and communicates with us through sensations all the time. It has its own language. But we are rarely taught or encouraged to listen as life is busy and we grow up in a world that sees the mind as the superior intelligence. 
Using treatments such as craniosacral therapy requires a particular point of view, of seeing the individual as an integrated totality, as a whole. The philosophy behind these approaches is to deeply honour the intelligence of the body and to refuse to believe that our bodies are innately flawed.  We are often told to put bandaids on top of each other to fight symptoms, to keep functioning, but this eventually has to collapses.  Rarely are we encouraged to listen to what our body is trying to tell us. The treatments can help finding the root cause for our discomfort or
disease and support our own inner healer and inner physician to create and re-establish an environment of vitality and balance in our body and ultimately in our life.  

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